THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM HEALTH RETREAT is an intensive 2-day weekend with me, Gemma.

For the entire weekend Aug 2nd & 3rd you’ll have me as you own personal nutritionist and health coach.  For the price of 4 hours of personal training, you could spend the whole weekend with me and a group of incredibly supportive women in my content-rich, interactive health retreat.

Receive the special group rate on your hotel reservation at the Hilton Bayfront by clicking below or call 800-Hiltons and ask to receive the ‘Gemma Rayne Retreat’ group rates.




Stay tuned for details for Facing The Elephant 2020!

Two Full Days of Learning About Shifting Your Mindset About Dieting, Weight Loss – You’ll learn the secrets to developing a success mindset about health, dieting, weight loss and body image. Together, we’ll discuss the content of my book with bonus material.
My book, “The Elephant in the Room: How to Overcome Your Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success” –You’ll get my book that dives into the obstacles preventing us from being our best in every area of our lives – including health, body image, fitness, and weight.
The Elephant in The Room Health Retreat Workbook – You’ll get your very own workbook to take notes throughout the weekend retreat, so you can create your success plan to kick-start and keep you on the fast-track to your body-positive weight loss goals.
Nutritious Food – You’ll feed your body, as well as your mind with appetizers on Friday evening and lunch & dinner on Saturday (included in your registration).
BONUS Sunday – Stick around and wrap up the weekend with Sunday Funday. A morning stroll along the water in downtown St Pete, breakfast meet up and then sisterhood time by the pool.

Admission Includes:

• 1 1/2 days of awesomeness ($349 value)
• 60 min Health Coaching session with Gemma Fountain ($100 value)
• 1 group Personal training session ($45 value)
• 1 beach yoga class ($20 value)
• A copy of Gemma’s book- The Elephant in the Room – How to Overcome Your Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success ($10 value)
• Vision Mapping pajama party event ($45 value)
• Lunch and breakfast ($50 value)
• Swag bag full of free passes, coupons and more ($300 value)

That’s over $900.00 worth of

for ONLY $189.00


I highly recommend working with Gemma!! She is fantastic! I was lost when it came to proper nutrition. Gemma has been a huge help to me through my clean eating journey. She introduced me to food journaling, meal prepping and so much more. I learned so much about how healthy - and unhealthy staple food items can be. Gemma once told me that she, “care(s) about making sure you're healthy for the rest of your life." She has definitely given me the tools and confidence to succeed. Above all, Gemma has had extreme patience with me during my journey. When I am completely stressed out and discouraged (which is quite often), she always gives positive words of encouragement. It means a great deal to me how much she genuinely cares about me and my goals.

Alyssa S.

Gemma is a force of nature!! Her knowledge of health and fitness, support and availability, and genuine care and compassion for your well being CANNOT be matched!! Either online or in person you will not be able to find a fitness trainer/nutrition specialist who is as passionate, as relatable, and as reachable as Gemma!! Gemma is truly top notch!!

Anne B.

I hired Gemma as my Health Coach because I wanted to lose weight and learn about what the best foods were for me to help me lose weight. During the program I was able to really discover the ‘why’ of why I’m overweight, she gave me so many options that really worked and help me clearly define my reasons for wanting to make diet changes. I’ve noticed that I now have more healthy habits, my mood is brighter and I have a more realistic acceptance of what is, and what I can do about things. I now actually even CRAVE food journaling, I use it for more than just food and it helps so much. If I were to describe Gemma I would use the words: sweet; inspiring; fun; smart, and caring. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Mary K.

You Won’t Want To Miss This Retreat!

Stop Feeling Guilty About Not Being Able to Stick to A Diet
Be More Comfortable in Your Own Skin
Feel More Confident with Yourself and Around Others
Discover the critical link between mindset and success
Stop Struggling with Your Weight Loss Goals
Learn What’s Holding You Back from Weight Loss Success